The Aerial Lounge

School of Excellence


Choice of 2-3 disciplines to master.

Aerial; Hoop, Silks, Hammock, Trapeze. Or Pole Fitness.

We run parties from a minimum of 9 people.

We can take maximum of 18 people.

We provide Aerial Lounge invitations and risk indemnity form for parents to print and hand out.

Dress Code: 

Grippy Socks, Leggings, Joggers, Long Sleeve or Short Sleeved T-Shirt,  Sweatshirt or Hooded Sweatshirt.

Party without food:

We provide cordial, cups, decorations, certificates and photo props.

Party with food:

We provide cordial, cups, decorations, buffet, plates, juice or fizz, certificates and photo props.


Aerial Lounge Medals

Private Performances

Aerial Lounge Parties 2020