The Aerial Lounge

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Aerial Classes

Aerial classes are often taught in a ‘no pain no gain’ environment, where injuries and bruises are regarded as badges of honour. Aerial classes are a highly anaerobic sport, if a student trained at a gym, a challenging workout would be 70-80% of their 1 rep max (the total weight they could successfully lift for one repetition in any exercise) when it comes to Aerial classes, students are lifting their entire body weight – training at or beyond 80% of their 1 rep max for the entire class.

Student led learning

We encouraging students to get involved in the learning process and being an active part of that will help them to take responsibility for their own learning. We like to use activities such as group work, reflective learning, self-analysis and peer analysis, this helps develop student’s capacity in this field. When students are more confident to take responsibility for their own learning, then at an advanced level this can be substantially developed.