The Aerial Lounge

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The Aerial Lounge's Hardcore Freeletics is a mixed style workout: calisthenics, parkour, gymnastics and army style! 


Highly intense Workout mainly using own body weight!

Freeletics is a sport where you train with your own bodyweight only. The training system combines High Intensity Training (HIT) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) methods.


Freeletics is a well-rounded, high intensity workout, It relies on body weight resistance. There are different movements planned out, so depending on your current level of fitness you can find the level of movement that pushes you hard enough.


Helps strengthen body core, tone body, and creates body muscle definition!

Freeletics workouts are great for building up strength and muscle mass, as well as helping you achieve that lean physique you’re probably after. A lot of the workouts will seem incredibly difficult at first, but with practice become a lot easier.


Exercise Routines

You have to perform a different number of reps for each movement in the exercise routine. These routines can vary from high repetition and low resistance, to low repetition and high resistance. Exercises are designed to increase speed, work your cardio, and improve your all round conditioning. 


If you already have a solid workout plan, why not try adding the Freeletics class– I think you will be surprised just how challenging it can be. This class is suitable for beginners/intermediate and fitness enthusiasts who like to challenge themselves and try something new! Class is open for everyone from 16 years Of age!