Postnatal Aerial Yoga


Postnatal Aerial Yoga is a class primarily for Mum. We use the aerial yoga hammocks to take you through a serious of conditioning exercises to help you get your strength back. It's an all over body workwork mixed in with some gentle stretching to help you ease back into fitness. Equally, we can easily make things harder if you're well on the road to being back in shape. There is something for everyone, but the important thing is that its a relaxed environment where you can come and go as your baby dictates!

The babies can either stay in their buggies, or we have soft mats and toys laid out to keep them entertained, as well as our fancy changing coloured lights which are always a hit! And then we may get them involved in certain exercises if they're feeling up for it and you'd like the extra challenge!  

Postnatal classes are without doubt one of the most thrilling things you will do with your baby. These challenging sessions are aimed at mums with tots under 18 months and focus on giving you a good workout while the life limpets chill on a mat – though there’s plenty of time for baby flying at the end. And when they’re too old for that: We have tots training from 2-5 years old.