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Delight Classes

This class is design for conditioning the body for those strenuous moves when moving forward from level 1 syllabus, this will ensure you are taught all the intermediate base moves to help support moving on to advanced levels moves.
Ideal for building strength!
25% dynamic movement 50% conditioning 25% stretch and flexibility

Aerial Delight Conditioning & Flexibility

These focused sessions pull from techniques across the aerial disciplines to hone in on your strength and flexibility. They’re designed to not only complement your skills and movement on the apparatus, but also your overall fitness on the ground.

Our conditioning based classes draw from the research behind HIIT – High Intensity Impact Training, and provides you with a workout that will challenge and develop your stamina and strength. The flexibility classes focus on safely increasing range of movement and control through dynamic stretching and related flows.

Core benefits

Our Conditioning & Flexibility classes strive to elevate your workout in every aspect. Whilst they’re shorter in duration than the standard aerial class, these classes are meant to hit you hard and fast, putting you through your paces to increase your fitness across the board. The classes include a built in warm up and cool down to ensure your body safely gets the most from your workout.