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Static Trapeze

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A favoured apparatus with those dipping their toes into Aerial Fitness, the Static Trapeze provides a stable bar for you to build strength and confidence, especially with going upside down. Starting off with pikes and inverts, you then work your way up to moves that involve a great deal of balance between the ropes. Control and body awareness in relation to the Static Trapeze will definitely aid in transferring skills over to other apparatus as well.

Core benefits

The fundamentals of using your core, lower back and obliques are developed and put to the test on the Static Trapeze, where the aim of the game is to keep it from swinging as much as possible. Giving CrossFit a run for its money, this requires a test of stability, working your upper body to pull yourself up and into various positions on the apparatus. Even if you didn’t have dreams to make this a full-time gig, the Static Trapeze provides an amazing platform for you to develop your functional strength.